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About Wefunder

Founded by Nick Tommarello, Wefunder is a brand that helps people get more funding for their ventures. What was started to help friends dream bigger and be the best versions of themselves has now grown to help raw talent that was being wasted. The company helps anyone to invest in the start-ups that they love with funding amounts from as little as £100. So far, thousands of startups have been established through Wefunder. And as many more seek funding; the brand is committed to helping and fixing the funding issue that is prevalent globally.

Wefunder has raised millions for founders including pre-IPOs for private firms. And with the rollout of new laws in 2021, the brand will grow even faster and assist more start-ups to grow. Wefunder is also working to build a stock market that allows founders to raise money while staying private.

Wefunder FAQs

How does Wefunder work?

The brand helps everyone invest in startups. Unlike other funding projects, investors earn a return if the business they invest in earns a profit. Investors also decide which brands are worth their funding. If the startups make money, investors get to earn. However, if the business makes losses, the investors lose their money. Whether you earn or lose your money, you get to join a community of investors and get fantastic perks from the company too.

What types of start-ups does the company fund?

Wefunder invests in different business setups. The company has invested in venture-funded, breweries, minority-owned, food, hardware, Moonshots, software, art & film and female-founded start-ups among others.  

Is Wefunder different from the stock market?

Yes. Wefunder deals with start-ups that are in the earlier stage but not companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ.

Does Wefunder provide updates to investors after an investment is made?

Yes. Founders are required to update investors at least every quarter. Most start-ups also issue annual reports shortly after the end of their fiscal year. For most, this is December 31st or April 30th.

Is Wefunder a regulated company?

Yes. Wefunder is regulated by FINRA and SEC.

Where is my money stored once I invest?

Wefunder does not use the funds invested. Instead, they are transferred to an escrow account. If the fundraise succeeds, the money is released to the company. However, if it fails, the money is refunded.

Can Wefunder recommend the best investments that I should try?

No. it is illegal for the company to endorse any company. As such, Wefunder does not help an investor choose which brands are worth investing. 

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