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How to claim your Firewards discount code

  • Start by copying your free Firewards discount code.
  • Proceed to the Firewards website and click the ‘Get started’ icon.
  • Sign up for your account.
  • Set up your referral campaign by selecting the provider, lists and rewards.
  • Paste your free discount code.
  • Pay for your Firewards order with the preferred payment method.

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About Firewards

Firewards is a brand that helps companies grow their newsletters. The brand was founded by a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur following successful referral campaigns that he ran in the past. The brand uses its own subscribers to grow your audience, an act that often results in a significant growth of signups.

Firewards has features that enable an effortless setup of the referral program. With the easy platform setup, cash payouts, sending out discounts, stickers, swag and custom rewards is only a click away. Users also enjoy a customizable page for their subscribers and also get the referral status in every email sent.

Firewards FAQs

Does Fireworks have a trial version?

Absolutely. You can try Fireworks with the 14-day trial before fully committing. This is a great period to not only start growing your newsletter and email list but also get familiar with the Firewards tools.

I have outgrown my subscriber limit. What should I do?

Once you outgrow your subscriber limit on your plan, Fireworks will automatically upgrade your plan, ensuring you grow your list even more!

What if my newsletter provider is not supported by Firewards?

Firewards has integrations with Convertkit, Mailchimp and SendGrid. However, if your provider is not listed, contact the Firewards team for assistance.

How much extra do I need to pay for the emails that I send?

You will not pay extra for the emails you send. Rather, your plan restricts the number of emails that you can send. 

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