Military Discount Holidays

After all your dedication and hard work in the Armed Forces, the very least you deserve is a relaxing holiday and here at TroopScout we’ve got some incredible deals available. We’ve partnered with some of the leading companies in the travel industry to bring you discount codes that could save some serious cash on any getaway. Whether you’re looking for cheap days out for the family, money off airport parking or just discount holidays in general, we’ve got it covered. With promo codes and new deals changing all the time, don’t forget to check back regularly to see what’s on offer!

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Smart tips for savvy packing

When you were being deployed, you’ll have been used to rolling your clothing into a Bergen and carrying as little as possible. On holiday you can enjoy the luxury of a little more room but it’s still a good idea to roll up your clothes to prevent annoying creases. 
Carrying a few spare Ziplock bags are also a good idea as you can use them for liquids or dirty underwear. They weigh barely a thing so they won’t tip you over your weight allowance either!
Speaking of which, do make sure you check the weight allowance for your baggage. You don’t want your military travel discount to be wiped out by the extra you’ll have to pay in surplus weight charges! A good rule of thumb to follow is: if in doubt, don’t take it. If you really do need that missing item while you’re away, you can always treat yourself to a new one instead!
Where possible, try and leave a bit of space in the suitcase for the return trip. Souvenir-hunting might not be part of operational duty but a family holiday is very different indeed!

Book the right kind of airport parking

When you’re going on holiday with family and friends, there are lots of small details to take care of that you won’t need to think about while you’re in the military. Airport parking and renting a car ready for when you arrive may seem trivial but get it right and life will be much easier. 
We can help with great discounts on both car rental and airport parking, but don’t be tempted to book the latter without checking the small print. Not all types of airport parking are the same so make sure you know what’s included in the price. 
The other thing to look out for is the Park Mark award, an accreditation which shows that there are good security measures in place. No-one wants to return to a nasty surprise so this can provide real peace of mind. 

Pay less for your accommodation

Whether you’re looking for an AirBnB or a luxury hotel, military personnel often receive a discount. As well as amazing deals on parking, car rentals and days out, we’ve also got the latest selection of discounts on accommodation. Bookmark our site to keep up to date with the hottest deals on accommodation to save money on your holiday or break. 
If you book your accommodation elsewhere, it could be worth asking for a military discount anyway. Even if they don’t advertise the fact, many hotels are willing to offer money off in gratitude for all that our military personnel do. Of course, the discounts might not be as great as you’ll find here at TroopScout but every little helps!


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