Military Car Rental Discounts

Renting a car for your holiday is always a great option if you want to go off and explore at your own leisure. Allowing you freedom and the excitement of the unknown, your next holiday could be the best one yet! Start things off with an armed forces voucher code that will bag you a great discount.

7 top tips you should know when renting a car:

  1. To find the best military discounts it’s a good idea to book as far in advance as possible, so you can see which brands are offering what.
  2. If you think you’re already covered, fend off the hard sell on those excess waiver policies. However persistent they may be, don’t buy anything unnecessarily!
  3. Check the arrangement on petrol. Some companies provide the car full or half full with petrol on collection. Others will charge you for a full tank with the expectation that you bring it back empty and won’t refund you for any fuel left over, which is rather sneaky.
  4. Make sure you book the car from the right time.
  5. Before you drive off, take care to inspect every little mark on the car, taking pictures of all four sides for reference. Be sure to record any damage that’s not been accounted for and get an employee’s signature on it to avoid getting caught out.
  6. When you last fill up the car with petrol, remember to keep that receipt for reference.
  7.  When you return the car make sure you inspect it for any new damages with an employee, and get a signature from them to ensure the returned car has been fully checked and vouched for to avoid any surprises being charged to your card later on.

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