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Use our exclusive Max Cleavage discount / promotion code to get 15% off everything on your next purchase. Max Cleavage offers gel bras and gel bikinis that will help you obtain that perfect cleavage.

How to use your Max Cleavage discount code

  1. To get your discount/promotion code, click on the ´Get Code´ button. Copy the code and go to the Max Cleavage website.
  2. Start browsing through their website, and once you´ve found something you´d want to buy, click on it, choose a size, and click on the ´Add to Bag´ button next to it.
  3. Your product will be added to your bag, so you can choose to continue shopping or checkout now.
  4. Before you proceed to checkout, please double-check the sizes you´ve ordered. Choose your currency, delivery options, and paste your discount/promotion code below. Click on the ´Add´ button and your discount/promotion code will be applied. You can also choose whether you want your order to be wrapped in luxury gift wrap with ribbons.
  5. To finish your order, click on the ´Pay by Card´ button below or ´Pay Pal Check Out´ if you´d want to pay your order with your Pay Pal account.


About Max Cleavage

Max Cleavage silicone enhancers come in various shapes and sizes. Check out their size and fitting guide. And if you´re still having problems fitting your bra, contact Max Cleavage customer support so they can help you with extra advice. 


Max Cleavage is an online company, so there are no offline stores. If any of the items you´ve ordered doesn´t fit, you can always return them for a refund or an exchange. They deliver their products worldwide and offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on all their orders. 


Max Cleavage offers comfortable and convenient solutions for women with small breasts. In addition to silicone enhancers, Max Cleavage also sells bras filled with gel, liquid, foam and even air. They cooperate with different manufacturers around the world to get the best products that will provide a much fuller shape and enhanced cleavage.


How did Max Cleavage start?

Max Cleavage was founded in 2000 by Emma Clark after she watched a documentary about a 14-year-old girl who has been saving her money for breast surgery. And since Emma had also considered surgery, but felt that the risk is greater than the benefits, she knew there had to be an alternative. She started searching for something that will cause no pain and have no risk. 


Looking for similar products?

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Max Cleavage: 15 %Off Promotion Code


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