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About Lulu Guinness

The story of Lulu Guinness began in 1989 when Lulu, the founder, designed a subversive lady-like attaché case that contained convenient pockets. Lulu was driven by her own style to create the masterpiece. And after the initial creation, Lulu sought to create hand-held creatures. And in 1993, she designed the Florist Basket which was a silk satin and black handbag, vase-shaped with red velvet roses at the top. This caught the attention of most people, leading to the creation of other handmade playful creations.

And now, Lulu Guinness designs different types of bags and accessories. The most recognizable accessory designed is the distinctive Dali-esque Lips Clutch. The sophisticated witty embellishments and silhouettes are a regular on the arms of trailblazing women such as Kate Moss and Blanca Miro. Whether you are looking for travel essential bags, occasion bags and even tote bags, you will love the Lulu Guinness collection.

Lulu Guinness FAQs

What accessories can I find at Lulu Guinness?

Lulu Guinness has a wide array of accessories including wallets, purses, socks, sunglasses, umbrellas and even clothes & shoes.

I am looking for a statement red bag. Can I find this at Lulu Guinness?

Yes. Stay fashionable with unique pieces such as timeless blacks, pretty pastels, statement reds and even pink bags. 

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