RoosterMoney: 20% off visa debit card for kids & 30 Day Free Trial Discount Code

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Save 20% on all plans at RoosterMoney with our exclusive coupon code, the discount applies once you´ve finished your one month free trial. RoosterMoney is a neat FREE app that serves as a pocket money manager for your family but they have an upgrade option, to the Rooster Card, which we have a discount code for!


How to claim your Rooster Money discount?

  1. Click on the ´Get Code´ button, go to the Rooster Money website and get your referral code.
  2. Download the app, and open it. Click on the ´Parent Sign Up´ button. Fill in your personal information and click on the ´Next´ button below. (note that this is not a referral code, the gift code is entered later when you purchase a card).
  3. Select how your child calls you, and your country & currency. Click on the ´Create Account´ button below.
  4. Once you´ve created an account, add your kids. Enter your child´s name, date of birth, and choose whether its a boy or a girl. You can also add a photo of your child. Choose whether your child will be earning money or stars, and click ´Next´. Set a regular allowance if your child will be getting any, or skip and continue.
  5. RoosterMoney is FREE to use as a virtual pocket money tracking app but if you want to upgrade to the Rooster Card, a pre-paid debit card for kids, you can do so by clicking ‘Account & Card’ in the menu on the parent dashboard and entering your discount code where it says 'I have a gift code' on check out. You’ll get a 20% discount and a 30 day free trial using our exclusive code.

About RoosterMoney

RoosterMoney is a FREE money-managing app for families with kids. It allows parents to easily manage their children´s allowances, create savings goals, manage chores and boost pocket money for chores, behaviour or gifts.

Rooster Money is available for both iOS and Android. Download your version from the Google Play or App Store, and start helping your child manage its money. The basic app is FREE to download, but there are also subscription options above the free version that unlock some extra features including the Rooster Card which is normally £24.99 a year, but with our code is 20% off!

RoosterMoney is an allowance app that offers parents an easy way to manage their children´s pocket money while teaching them the value of money at the same time. The app has lots of different features available for parents, such as setting up a pocket money routine and issuing allowances automatically, boosting pocket money for chores, behaviour or gifts, and tracking and manage chores for the whole family. There are also some features for kids, including the ability to track how much money they have and create savings goals. Parents can also add a Rooster Card, a prepaid Visa debit card that will allow kids to make considered spending choices.

RoosterMoney reviews

On Trustpilot RoosterMoney is ranked five stars from over 90 reviews. It also has a strong TrustScore of 4.8/5 with 89 reviews.

Deal Terms

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, other than the free trial offer.

A referred family can only be referred once.

Existing customers of RoosterMoney Ltd. will not qualify.

The customer offer attached to the discount code may be varied at any time and RoosterMoney will communicate this to Troop Scout by email should this happen.


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RoosterMoney: 20% off visa debit card for kids & 30 Day Free Trial Discount Code


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