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How to claim your free PitPat discount code

  1. To claim your free PitPat discount code, click the get discount code icon and copy your discount code.
  2. Proceed to the PitPat website and add all the items you want to purchase to your basket.
  3. Checkout and paste your free discount code in the promo code box. Remember to unlock your discount.
  4. Finish placing your order by entering your details and address.

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About PitPat

PitPat is a UK-based brand that specializes in dog activity monitors. These monitors are designed with vets and are hence safe, comfortable, lightweight and very robust. PitPat dog monitor helps you track your dog’s activity level and manage their weight in a fun and loving way. And with recommendations from vets, insurance companies as well other practices, you can be assured to tap on your dog’s health benefits derived from weight management and daily exercise. The company also retails dog accessories including treats, PitPat 1 & 2 replacement batteries and brand strap sets.

PitPat Delivery

PitPat ships all orders promptly. If you order on weekdays before 2 pm, your order will be shipped the same day. The company uses Royal Mail First Class. You should get your order the next day. If you order after 2 pm, your order will be dispatched the next working day. And even better, PitPat offers free deliveries on all orders.

PitPat Returns Policy

If you have any concerns about your PitPat order, please reach out to the company’s customer service team.

PitPat FAQs

What is PitPat for dogs?

PitPat for dogs is a dog activity monitor that is designed with vets to track your dog’s weight and activity level.

What are the benefits of the PitPat dog activity monitor?

PitPat dog monitor helps you track a dog’s activity, ensuring they manage a healthy weight. It also helps dog owners keep track of the dog’s exercise when other people such as a kennel or a dog walker are caring for them.

What is PitPat LIFE?

Open to any dog, this is a membership-oriented service offered by PitPat to dog owners. The service aims to help dog owners look after their dogs and be rewarded while at it. Rewards are based on the dog’s achievements and not direct comparisons among other dogs. To join PitPat LIFE, you will be required to pay any applicable joining fee (one-off) or a recurring subscription fee.

Where can I get the PitPat app?

You can find the PitPat app for Android or iOS on the Google Play Store or App Store, respectively. The app is designed to work with your dog’s PitPat device, but you can also download the app before purchasing a PitPat to try out some of the functions.

How can I be sure PitPat will fit my dog?

You will be surprised how light and small PitPat is. However, if your puppy is below 12 weeks old, PitPat is not recommended.

What does PitPat use to attach to my dog’s collar?

PitPat uses VELCRO, a super-strong strap that wraps around the collar. While it’s strong, you will not experience any difficulties when removing the strap. It’s also very comfortable for your dog.

What if my dog doesn’t wear a collar?

PitPat also works on a harness, so it should not be a problem if your dog does not wear a collar.

Where should I attach PitPat?

You can attach PitPat on any body part of your dog apart from the tail.

Will PitPat be ruined if my dog jumps into a pool?

No, PitPat will not be ruined since it’s waterproof. It’s rated IP67 meaning it need not be removed whether on the beach or when swimming.

How accurate is PitPat?

PitPat was heavily studied and tested before being manufactured. As such, the calibration has been perfected over time making it very reliable.

What is the minimum dog age for PitPat?

There is no exact minimum age for PitPat, but it is not recommended if your dog is not old enough to wear a collar.

What other benefits do I get from PitPat?

PitPat not only measures your dog’s activity but also recommends an exercise goal for your dog. This is ideal for young and old dogs as it ensures they hit the exercise goal based on age.

Does PitPat differentiate between running, walking or playing?

Yes. PitPat uses a period between 5-10 minutes to classify your dog’s activity. The device also assesses the regularity and consistency of motion.

Will PitPat show my dog’s nocturnal activities?

Yes. While the device does not detect sleep, it tracks when the dog is resting. If your dog exerts movement all night, then PitPat will show you through the dog’s daily activity summary. It might even help you discover interesting things about your dog’s nocturnal activities.

I am afraid my dog will ruin PitPat.

PitPat is strong. As such, it will withstand your dog’s activities when it’s on the collar. However, you need to be careful as your dog can ruin it when it gets hold of it.

How safe is PitPat?

PitPat is safe, having met all product standards. It does not emit harmful radiation and the app won’t heat up your phone.

Can I use PitPat to track my dog’s location?

No. PitPat cannot be used to track your dog’s location since it does not have GPS.

Can I purchase PitPat for my cat?

Unfortunately, PitPat for cats is not yet available in the market. However, you can use the app to track your cat’s activity by selecting a small dog breed.

What if I experience difficulties in getting my dog’s info from my PitPat?

If you have issues with fetching your PitPat’s data, ensure that it’s compatible with your device and that Bluetooth is on. If you still experience issues, you can check the guide on the PitPat website or reach out to a customer service agent for help.

How can I reach PitPat?

If you want to reach PitPat, call +44 (0)1223 967 305 or email woof@pitpatpet.com. You can also fill the customer contact form on the PitPat website and someone will be in touch.

PitPat Reviews

The PitPat activity monitor has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon.co.uk and has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.Customers love the ease of use and the detailed information available on the app.

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