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Save 15% off your first order at Butternut Box with this exclusive discount code. Butternut Box offers dog´s subscription boxes tailored according to their specific needs and individual dietary requirements. They take lots of different factors, such as the breed, age, weight, body look and activity level of your dog into consideration when creating its unique meal plan. You´ll receive these meals pre-portioned into daily servings, ready for serving.

How to use your Butternut Box discount code

  1. To get the discount code, click on the ´Get Code´ button and go to the Butternut Box website.
  2. To start, click on the ´Start Building Your Box´ button.
  3. Enter your dog´s name, and click on the ´Let´s Start´ button below. Choose your dog´s sex and if he/she is neutered or spayed. Choose your dog´s bread (if you don´t know, that´s fine, too, just check the box), and continue. Choose what is your dog currently eating and if he/she is a fussy eater. Enter your dog´s age, and choose its body look. Use the slider to enter your dog´s approximate weight. Choose its activity level. Enter any possible allergies or health issues your dog might have. Select if your dog is getting any treats or snacks.
  4. Enter your name and email, and see your dog´s plan. Choose a plan, and enter your details. Continue to delivery. Choose the delivery date, and enter your phone and address.
  5. Continue to payment, enter all the required information, and click on the ´Buy Subscription´ button below.

About Butternut Box

Butternut Box was founded in 2016 by two best friends, Kevin Glynn and David Nolan. It all started when Dave visited the Battersea Dogs Home website and fell in love with a dog named Staffie. The dog was in such a bad condition, that Dave and his family had a hard time persuading the Battersea team that their home was the perfect place for the dog to recover. The dog was taking lots of medicine, and one of the side effects was chronic flatulence. Since it seemed that nothing was helping, the family decided to prepare him home-cooked meals, with carefully chosen ingredients. Dave mentioned the effect home cooking food had on his dog to his workmate Kevin, who suggested that they could cook for other dogs, as well. And that´s how the idea was born.


With nearly 2000 customer reviews on the Trustpilot, Butternut Box has a TrustScore of 4.9/5.


Butternut Box plans

There are two plans available - ´All Butternut´ and ´Mix Plan´. With the ´All Butternut´, your dog will receive all of the daily calories, vitamins, and minerals recommended by Butternut, while ´Mix Plan´ provides only some of them, and is ideal for those who´d want to have more room for other food, as well as for usual snacks and treats. 


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Butternut Box: 15% Off Discount Code


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