Dodow: Sleep Better. £5 Off Prescriber Code

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With our military-only Dodow prescriber code, you'll get £5 off. Dodow is an innovative product that will help you fall asleep with ease. It's a metronome with a light system that teaches you to fall asleep naturally. Great for those who suffer from insomnia or sleep apnoea / apnea. 

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How to use your Dodow prescriber code

  1. To get your Dodow prescriber code, click on the 'Get Code' button. Copy the code from a pop-up window and go to the Dodow website. Click on the 'Buy' button at the top menu of the website.
  2. On the right side, you can add accessories. Select your delivery method, and paste your Dodow prescriber code. Click on the 'arrow' button next to it, and your discount will be applied immediately.
  3. Click on the 'Pay With PayPal' button on the left or fill in all the required shipping and payment information. Confirm your order.

About Dodow

Dodow is an innovative sleeping device, designed by former insomniacs. It's not only effective but also a simple and inexpensive solution that will help you fall asleep naturally. Dodow projects a blue light of low intensity onto the ceiling. You should lay down on your back, focusing on the light. The blue colour is proven to be the most efficient for helping people fall asleep. Synchronise your breathing to a set pace, and carry on for 8 minutes. Dodow will gradually slow down your breathing from 11 to 6 breaths per minute (bpm). With Dodow, you'll also receive some tips and breathing exercises, that will help you get the most out of it.  

Dodow extras

When placing your order, you can also add a Relaxing sleep mist by Dodow. It's a perfect blend of essential oils (lavender, bergamot, geranium, mandarin) known for their relaxing properties. Spray around your room and wait for 15 minutes to create a cosy cocoon around you, and let the night smoothly begin.

Dodow UK delivery

When ordering to the UK, you can choose between Standard (6-8 days) delivery for £3.99 and Express (2-3 days) delivery for £5.59. If you order 2 or 3 Dodow devices, not only you'll get a discount, but you'll get free Standard delivery, as well.

Dodow international delivery

Dodow ships its orders outside of the UK, as well. Orders are delivered to the EU, as well as to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brasil, South Africa, Japan, and Korea. Delivery costs will depend on the delivery destination.

Dodow returns policy

Dodow offers a 100-days money-back guarantee. The item must be returned in its original packaging. Contact Dodow customer support via email to get more information about the return process.

Dodow reviews

On Dodow's website, you'll find customer reviews. According to the reviews, it has a 4.3/5 star rating, and its users fall asleep 2.5x faster. 

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Dodow: Sleep Better. £5 Off Prescriber Code

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