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Degustabox proudly present this promo code to all TroopScout users: serving members, ex-forces, family and friends.

Thank you all so much for your service and sacrifice!

How to use your Degustabox Discount code

  • Click ‘Get Code’ to get the voucher code and open the Degustabox website.
  • Click ‘Buy Now with Discount’ in the orange box.
  • Your TroopScout discount will be automatically applied. Fill in your personal details and select the ‘Pay Monthly’ plan. Make sure the TroopScout promotional code has been filled into the ‘Promotional Code’ box and then click ‘Buy Now!’ in the bottom right.
  • Fill in payment details and then click ‘Yes, I confirm my payment’ to continue.
  • Fill in the profile survey to let them know a little more about you and your preferences to finish.
  • Scoff your face to your hearts content.

Degustabox is an exciting monthly subscription box with a difference. A box filled with between 10 to 15 edible goodies from top brands sent to your door and to share between friends and family is then to be reviewed by you! Your feedback and opinions as consumers are key to perfecting new products, and Degustabox want your say. Tell them what you loved and what you thought could do with some tweaks. Make a difference with Degustabox!

Keeping the contents a surprise each time, you never know what to expect. To give you an idea of what kind of items you might be in line for, take a look at the ‘Our Boxes’ page on their website which shows you what customers have received in past boxes. This month there might be tasty crisp flavours by Pipers Crisp Co, new refreshing beverages from Blossom Hill, Haribo sweets that tickle the tastebuds and even the latest healthy cereals by Dorset Cereals. And that’s not all, the total value of your surprise box will never be more than what you pay Degustabox. It’s a fun way to snack, that’s for sure.

Discover your new favourites with Degustabox today and get your goodie box in the mail!

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