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  1. Click on the ‘Get Code’ button, save your free Colonna Coffee discount code, and proceed to the Colonna Coffee website.
  2. Select one of the products you’d want to purchase, add it to cart, and continue to checkout. 
  3. Paste the Colonna Coffee discount code to the text box on the right and click ‘Apply’.
  4. Enter your email and shipping address on the left, select shipping and payment methods, and enter your payment details. Place your order.

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About Colonna Coffee

Colonna Coffee started back in 2009 as a coffee shop called Colonna & Small’s in Bath, in the UK. Several years later, it was recognised as the ‘Best Coffee Shop in Europe’. In the pursuit of exceptional coffee, its founders, Maxwell and Lesley, connected and collaborated with industry experts, scientists, and inventors. In 2015, they launched their own roastery, allowing them more control of the sourcing and flavour of the coffee they offer to their customers. Today, Colonna Coffee offers different types of coffee beans and capsules, the Opal One Capsule Machine, brewing and grinding accessories and merchandise every coffee lover would enjoy.

Colonna Coffee Delivery

When ordering to the UK, your order will be delivered free of charge via Royal Mail 48 delivery service. You can expect your order within 2 working days. Orders outside of the UK are delivered via Royal Mail Standard International and will arrive between 5 and 7 working days. You should check with your local authority if there are any additional charges for the delivery outside of the UK.

Colonna Coffee Returns Policy

Colonna Coffee offers a 14-day returns policy from the day of purchase. You can get a refund to your original payment method, a store credit, or you can exchange the item for another one. 

Colonna Coffee FAQs

Does Colonna Coffee have a rewards scheme?

Yes, Colonna Coffee does have a rewards scheme. You can earn points and use them towards your next order. You can get Reward Points when you create a Colonna account, follow Colonna on Instagram or Facebook, and you'll get 1 point for every £1 you spend. For 200 Reward Points, you'll be able to save £10, for 300 you'll save £20, etc. There are also extra points events and special offers that'll bring you additional Reward Points. For every friend you successfully refer to Colonna Coffee, you'll get 50 points and they'll get a 10% discount.

How does a Colonna Coffee subscription work?

With Colonna Coffee subscriptions, you can save 10%. Select beans or capsules, one of the available genres, and roast style/capsule type. Select the amount of coffee bags (from 1 to 4) or capsules (40, 80, or 120) per delivery and delivery frequency (every 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks). Subscriptions are shipped on the anniversary of the day you made your first order. You can cancel your subscription from your online account at any time.

Can I purchase gifts at Colonna Coffee?

Yes, in addition to coffee beans and capsules, Colonna Coffee also offers merchandise you can give to your friends and family. And if unsure what to get, you can purchase a gift card. Both physical and digital gift cards are available. Physical gift cards are worth £20.00 and delivered free of charge by mail, while digital gift cards can be worth £20.00 or £50.00 and are delivered via email.

Are Colonna Coffee capsules recyclable?

Yes, Colonna Coffee offers aluminium capsules that are plastic-free and recyclable. It also offers compostable capsules you can add to your local food waste.

Are Colonna Coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso machines?

You can use your Colonna Coffee capsules with drop down Nespresso machines. However, the only capsule machine designed to brew Colonna capsules is the Opal One Capsule Machine.

Why should I get the Opal One Capsule Machine?

The Opal One Capsule Machine uses a unique silicon brew chamber to eliminate unwanted dilution. Thanks to its higher pressure and higher temperature brewing, it delivers a fuller-bodied, stronger coffee. It's the perfect way for you to experience Colonna Coffee capsules.

When will my coffee be roasted?

Retail orders are roasted every week, on Mondays and Thursdays, and are shipped immediately after. Ground coffee in capsules is exposed to less than 1% oxygen, ensuring your coffee always tastes fresh.

Are there decaf beans and capsules available?

Yes, Colonna Coffee does offer decaf beans (only for espresso) and decaf capsules. Order today and enjoy delicious coffee without the caffeine.

What genres does Colonna Coffee offer?

Colonna Coffee offers 3 different genres (Foundation, Discovery, and Rare), each with different flavour goals. If not sure which one to get, explore the beans and capsules genres, or order all 3 genres and receive the entire range all in one package.

Why aren't Rare beans available in other quantities except 150g bags?

Beans from the Rare genre are limited in supply so they are only available in 150g bags.

Is there a Colonna Coffee retail outlet or a coffee shop?

The Colonna & Small’s coffee shop is still located in Bath, in the UK.

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