Tempur: 10% Off All Orders Discount Code

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Get up to 10% off all mattresses at Tempur, including The Tempur Sleep System, with this promo code.

Tempur products are the very best in their field, and are known to help promote a good night's sleep:

  • Unique body support
  • Immediate relaxation
  • Undisturbed sleep
  • Less tossing and turning

It is worth noting that any Tempur mattress bought for medical reasons is eligible for a tax rebate. See here for info.

All TroopScout users should have the very best nights sleep. This exclusive voucher code from Tempur is open to: serving members, ex-forces, family and friends. So save this and pass it on.

 Thank you so much for your service! Good night zzz

How to use your Tempur discount code

1. Click ‘Get Code’ to get the voucher code and open website uk.tempur.com

2. Add all items to ´your basket´

3. Enter the voucher code at checkout and enjoy up to £200 off your purchase!

About Tempur

Tempur is a mattress and pillow company that got its start from a revolutionary new material created by NASA to cushion astronauts during lift-off.

Eventually, this material would be released to the public where several companies would research and improve upon this new material called Tempur.They created the premier material for sleeping.

Tempur is a temperature sensitive material that distributes your weight evenly so that you do not have pain from the pressure points pushed on by normal mattresses.

Tempur was founded in 1991 and has been a huge success ever since, providing mattresses, beds, and pillows to people in over 76 countries.

Tempur has continued to add to and improve upon their products over the years. They now offer several lines of mattresses for whatever your needs are, whether that is more support or a softer feel. They have also introduced a variety of different beds, frames, and headboards to go with your comfort forming mattress.

Their beds come in a variety of styles and colors to look glamorous no matter what your style is including, adjustable beds, ottoman beds for extra storage, and many more.

Tempur also has a full line of Tempur material pillows and accessories such as ergonomic support pillows, mattress protectors, and linens.

Deal Terms

This TEMPUR discount voucher code will be applied against the full RRP of all items available on the site with the exception of Special Buys. These are not included.

The code will override any other offers on the web site for items listed under Mattresses, Beds, Pillows and Accessories.

Items listed in special buys, designated as clearance or a real deal with final reductions are not included.

Tempur are giving a free protector with a mattress. This offer will be switched off during sale times. If you use the code, the bonus product is removed. It’s either/or not both.

Please note that this voucher code is case sensitive

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🛏️Why are Tempur mattresses so expensive?

Tempur mattresses are known to be of high quality, supporting the spine to reduce back pain. Having created a strong reputation in the mattress world, Tempur has become a brand consumers are willing to pay for.

🛏️how much is a Tempur mattress?

Tempur mattress prices start at £1,379 for a Single size and can go up to £3,899 for a Super King size.

🛏️How long does a Tempur mattress last?

Mattresses from Tempur can last up to 7 or 8 years but can depend on how often it's slept on, and its general wear and tear.

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Tempur: 10% Off All Orders Discount Code


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