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The investment sector may seem complex for many. While indeed it is complex, the Orca App comes in handy in simplifying the investment sector. With the app, you can learn essential finance lessons like investment methods, wealth management, or buying EFTs and stocks, and maximise the potential growth of your savings regardless of your investment or finance experience. With the app, you get to enjoy fee-free trading which can help build your collection of assets. Take advantage of the Orca App referral code and explore a multitude of investment options tailored for you.   

How to claim my free Orca App referral code?

  1. To get your free Orca App referral code, click on the ‘Get Code’ button and copy your referral code.
  2. Proceed to the Orca App website and check out the investment options offered. To start your investment experience, enter your phone number in the empty dialogue box. A link will be sent to your email to download the app.
  3. After your phone has been verified, you will need to purchase 3 different assets to qualify for your free share.
  4. Free shares are randomly assigned and can have a value of up to £200.
  5. You can also get a referral link to invite your friends to get the app.
  6. For every friend you invite to join the Orca App, you will both get shares of up to £200.

About Orca App

Orca App is an investment app that enables users to learn investment methods, buy stock and ETFs and leverage the potential growth of their earnings. The company is registered in Wales and England and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The app helps people regardless of their investment knowledge with hints and tips that help them start their investment journey.  

To help users explore and easily decide on the ideal investments, the app sorts the assets based on the profitability potential and market fluctuations. Users also benefit by getting real-time market data, free GIA/ ISA, analytics and breakdowns and not forgetting fast deposits. Enjoy a consistent and fast investment experience with no hidden subscriptions and fees.

Orca App refer a friend programme?

Orca has a refer a friend program.

By sharing your referral link with your friend or colleague, you will benefit by getting free shares.

Referral terms

Please note that the promotion is only open to Orca’s existing clients who meet the app’s terms of use. The referrer cannot share the link to a previous or existing Orca customer or to employees. For you to be awarded the referral link, you must be eligible and accepted as an Orca client.

Please note that Orca will not share the referee’s personal details. Also, the company will not publicly share the price, type and referral shares with other participants.

As a referrer, you will only be able to share your referral link after your phone verification. Also, you will get a referral share after you have purchased 3 different assets and the referee has purchased at least 3 assets, opened a GIA account with Orca and used the referral link to download the Orca App. Please note that you cannot sell your referral share until 30 days after the date the share was awarded.

Your referral link will not expire and can be used unlimited times. Your referral link will only be invalid if you cease being an Orca client or the promotion lapses.

Orca App FAQs

What if I want to build my portfolio from scratch?

If you want to build your portfolio from scratch, the Orca App has a first portfolio flow. This will not only help you get your first portfolio but also enables you to set your range of interests and risk level. You also get to choose from a variety of stock collections which you can purchase with one tap. Although your capital is at risk, the first portfolio flow enables you to hedge risk with a well-balanced portfolio of assets.

Can I customize and diversify my savings with the Orca App?

With the Orca App, you can explore over 250 ETFs and stocks. You can also invest in a wide range of assets and monitor their performance on your Watchlist.

How safe are my investments with the Orca App?

Orca App is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority through its appointed representative, RiskSave Technologies. You are guaranteed your investment’s safety as the Orca App does not have access to or control your money in any way. The app does not use your investments to cover expenses nor does it use it for trading.

Your funds are also FSCS protected. This means that you can still withdraw your money even after insolvency. By using the Orca App for your investments, you will get ISA support, hence your gains on investments will be tax-free.

Do my investments in the Orca App carry any risks?

Yes. Please note that you carry full responsibility for your investment decisions. However, any funds you invest in will have vital information documents outlining specific risks applicable to the investment. You are encouraged to read the document before making any investment decisions.

Please note that the value of investments in your GIA can rise or fall, hence you may get back less than what you invested.

Are there any contribution limits?

With the Orca App, there are no minimum or maximum contributions to your account.

How do I make my contributions to my Orca Gia?

You can make your contributions via your nominated bank account.

Is my data safe with the Orca App?

Orca App is committed to protecting your personal information. The app collects, processes and uses any personal data collected from the app or website. Orca App may collect your device’s technical information, transaction history and information stored on your device. While your data may be used to improve your investment experience, the Orca App does not sell your data.

If you have any questions regarding the Orca App data protection policy, please reach out to the data compliance manager via email on compliance@getorca.app.

Orca App Reviews

Orca is a great app if you are looking to venture into investments. The app has amazing reviews on reviews.io. Many people found it useful as it offers various investment features and an overview of trading prices in comparison to other sites.

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Orca App: FREE share up to £200 Refer a Friend Code

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