How to claim your free Kobo discount code

  • Start by copying your free Kobo discount code.
  • Proceed to the Kobo website and add the eBooks, audiobooks or eReaders & Apps that you want to your cart.
  • Paste your free Kobo discount code at checkout.
  • Complete your Kobo order.

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About Kobo

Kobo is a local bookshop that is perfected for modern life. Words can transform and enhance the world. As such, the brand aims at bringing the power of reading through the provision of eBooks, audiobooks, eReaders and Apps. The brand offers over 5 million titles that e-learners can choose from. And this is always growing. What you find today on the catalogue changes, meaning you will never get bored of the content available at Kobo.

Whether you are looking for today’s bestsellers, yesterday’s classics or any type of audiobooks, you will find any type on the platform. And with the discover recommendations feature, you never have to browse for hours in search of the perfect read. Rather, this will be recommended based on the content that you choose.

Kobo FAQs

Are Kobo apps compatible with any devices?

Kobo Apps are compatible with Apple, Android and Kobo Desktop.

Can I get kid’s content at Kobo?

Absolutely! Kobo has a variety of kids’ content including animals, fiction, comics, creative kids, Natural world and even Religion, just to mention a few.

What accessories can I find at Kobo?

Kobo offers different accessories including sage power covers, sage sleep covers, Stylus and even Stylus replacement tips.

Does Kobo offer gift cards?

Yes. The company offers various gift card options such as digital cards, audiobooks subscriptions and even eGifts. 

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