How to claim your free KatKin discount code

  • To claim your free KatKin discount code, start by copying your free discount code.
  • Head over to the KatKin website and fill in your cat’s info including the name, gender, whether it’s neutered, breed and age among other vital details.
  • You can now log in to your KatKin account. If you don’t own one, just fill in a few details about yourself and create one.
  • Once you confirm your cat’s details, click the ‘calculate the price’ icon.
  • Choose the delivery date, add optional extras for your furry friend and checkout.
  • Paste your free discount code in the voucher code box and apply.
  • Complete your order by entering your billing address and continue to pay.

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About KatKin

Founded by Nikki and Brett, KatKin is a brand that offers cat food. What started as a general love for cats has turned into a venture that now serves so many cat families. The company has a kitchen in London where all magic occurs. Every cat meal is handmade, packed and delivered following the highest standards. This ensures that the team gets to share their love for cats globally, keeping your furry friend less fussy while also maintaining its health.

KatKin Delivery

KatKin delivers to Scotland, England and Wales. The company does not deliver to Islands and Scottish Highlands. Orders are dispatched on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. KatKin offers a flexible meal plan.  If you think you will not be available for your delivery, you can either pause or cancel it. The courier provider will notify you before delivering your KatKin order. However, if you are not available to receive the order, your parcel will be left in a safe place. Since the cat food is frozen, it is delivered in insulated boxes that ensure that the food stays fresh until you arrive.

KatKin Returns Policy

If you experience issues with your KatKin products, please reach out to the KatKin customer care representatives for assistance.

KatKin FAQs

My cat is very fussy. How do I ensure a smooth transition to KatKin?

You need to be patient with your cat during the transitioning process. Luckily, you get to select foods that your cat likes, reducing the probability of your cat disliking the food. If your cat still does not like the food even after a few trials, you can switch to a box with different ingredients.

How can I ensure my cat’s digestion is not affected during the transition?

Stomach problems are rampant when transitioning to different diets. This is because the new food may disrupt good bacteria in the gut. For a smooth transition, introduce KatKin in 10 days, starting with small amounts and progressing as the days go by.

Does KatKin have wet or dry food?

KatKin offers wet cat food. This has naturally occurring moisture which keeps your cat hydrated. The high moisture also boosts the cat’s weight control and benefits urinary health.

Does KatKin food have added minerals and vitamins?

Yes. While cats have narrow nutrient requirements, they are very sensitive to deficiencies. For optimal cat health, KatKin maximizes the mineral and vitamin combination in the cat food. The ingredients are carefully and locally sourced.

I just adopted a kitten. Can I get suitable KatKin food for her?

Absolutely! KatKin caters to all cats regardless of age. The vet range is formulated to ensure that the kitten gets everything they need to maintain healthy growth. Your kitten food needs will change as it grows. As such, you need to update it’s weight, body condition and activity level before each delivery.

How should I store KatKin?

You can either store the cat meals in the fridge or freezer. Once you defrost the frozen food, ensure you feed it to your furry friend within 3 days. You can keep the frozen food for up to 6 months.

Should I heat the KatKin food before serving my cat?

No. If your food was in the fridge, you can serve it directly. If your cat is extra fussy, you can warm the food lightly before serving it, although not recommended.

Does cooking cat food reduce its effectiveness?

No. KatKin diets have large amounts of animal source fat and protein. Cooking the food does not impact digestibility. The cooking process eliminates harmful bacteria in raw food.

Will KatKin food help reduce my cat’s weight?

KatKin food is portioned according to the health needs of your cat. If your cat is overweight, ensure you input the correct weight and set the goals right. The high moisture content will also help the cat to lose weight.

KatKin Reviews

KatKin has an excellent rating of 4.9 among 703 reviews on Trustpilot. Customers who tried the KatKin food reported improved health and less fussy cats. The company also provides prompt deliveries and has great customer service. 

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