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How to claim your free Freddie’s Flowers discount code

  • Start by copying your free Freddie’s Flowers discount code.
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  • Fill in your delivery details and finish off by choosing the preferred payment method.

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About Freddie’s Flowers

Freddie’s Flowers is a flower delivery service that is based in the UK. The founder, Freddie, got his interest in flowers from a young age, given that he grew up at a flower shop in Pimlico. Also, both his parents were florists. The company is fully dedicated to providing only the best quality flowers. And by regularly meeting with the growers, the flower varieties and colours are carefully selected. All flowers are cut to order, so you only get fresh deliveries. If you like experiencing different flower varieties, you will love how the team arranges them through the season.

Freddie’s Flowers Delivery

Freddie’s Flowers delivers within the UK Mainland. The company has a friendly and efficient delivery team who use bicycles and vans to deliver to your location. Deliveries are carried out Monday- Friday. The company plans deliveries to certain towns on set days, keeping the flower miles and emissions down. If you are not around to receive your flower, they will be left in a safe place. Also, you are not tied to anything, meaning you can skip deliveries and will only be charged on the morning of each delivery.

Freddie’s Flowers Returns Policy

If you experience any issues with your Freddie’s Flowers delivery, please reach out to the company for assistance.

Freddie’s Flowers FAQs

How long will my flowers last?

Freddie’s Flowers only delivers fresh flowers. While these can last for over two weeks, the care taken will also affect how long your flowers last.

How should I arrange my flowers?

It is normal to be worried about flower arrangements especially if you have never done it again. However, Freddie’s Flowers writes an arranging guide alongside each delivery. You can also check the arranging guide on the weekly video.

What if I want specific flowers?

At the moment, Freddie’s Flowers does not offer custom boxes. However, the company offers a lily-free box for those who are allergic. Just reach out to the company and request a lily-free box.

I do not have an ideal flower vase. Do Freddie’s Flowers sell vases?

A bell jar or a hurricane vase works well with your flowers. If you are unsure of where you can get these, check out the special vase designed for Freddie’s Flowers. This is available for £25.

What do I need to do to prepare my flowers?

Flower preparation is not complicated. All you need is a bell jar or a hurricane jar and a pair of secateurs.

Where do Freddie’s Flowers source the flowers?

Freddie’s Flowers sources the flowers from Holland. However, the majority are grown in Blighty with a few exotic flowers to spice up the collection.

Are the flowers delivered in water?

No. Since the flowers are delivered fresh, it is pointless to carry them in water. As such, ensure you prepare the flowers in a jar to maintain freshness.

What if I want the flowers to be delivered to more than one address?

If you want the flower deliveries to be done to more than one address, sign up with the first address and add the other address on the delivery addresses page.

Will my flowers get lost if delivered outside my home?

While this can happen, it is a rare occurrence. If you will not be around to receive the flowers, ensure to suggest a safe place where your flowers will be left.

Do Freddie’s Flowers deliver more than one box to the same address?

Yes. You can get several boxes delivered to one address. Use your Freddie’s Flowers account to adjust the number of boxes that you wish to receive.

Do Freddie’s Flowers offer gift services?

Yes. This is excellent when you want to surprise family, friends or loved ones. Use the ‘Send a Gift’ page and proceed to send your gift. You can also add personalised notes to your Freddie’s Flowers gift.

How can I contact Freddie’s Flowers?

You can reach Freddie’s Flowers via call on 0208 396 6696. You can also use the ‘Message feature’ on the website and a customer care representative will get in touch.

Freddie’s Flowers Reviews

Freddie’s Flowers has an excellent 4.7 rating among 7,579 reviews on Trustpilot. Customers love the quality of the flowers, packaging and on-spot delivery. 

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