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About Clim8

Founded by Duncan Grierson, Clim8 is a company that helps customers invest in sustainable projects that have a positive impact on climate change. The company moves pounds of investments into clean energy and sustainable companies. So far, Clim8 has raised £12 million in funding. The funds will be used in the expansion of the app. Among the companies’ investors include a British Business Park funded venture capital and Channel 4 Ventures. Clim8 has a team of 31 whereby 50% are women and 9 nationalities. The firm’s values including focus, experience and fair trade have contributed to the growth of the company.

Through the platform, customers choose the preferred portfolio of public listed firms that are already involved in tackling climate change issues. The company specializes in clean technology, smart mobility, clean energy and recycling. Whichever your risk profiles, you will find a suitable investment option at Clim8. Investors can choose between cautious, balanced and adventurous risk profiles.

Clim8 FAQs

What products does Clim8 currently offer?

Clim8 offers different investment options, the main products being Stocks and Shares ISA and General Investment Account, GIA.

Are the investment options open to all persons?

Anyone who is a UK resident and above the age of 18 can invest in Clim8 products.

Does the Clim8 team help customers to determine suitable investment options?

While the Clim8 team does not provide financial advice, the team is hands-on when it comes to assessing the suitability of each product for every investor’s needs and circumstances. The team also assesses the investors’ attitude to risk by asking a few questions. This info is what the brand used to create to align investors to a portfolio.

What is the performance of the different Clim8 risk profiles?

Depending on your risk level, you can either choose between the cautious, balanced or adventurous risk profiles. The higher the risk level, the more the returns. The cautious risk profile has a 7.80% performance while the balanced risk profile has a 17.44% performance. The adventurous risk profile, suitable for investors who are more risk-averse, has a 27.24% performance.

Is there a limit for the number of accounts that one investor can have?

Yes. Each person is limited to one Individual Savings Account (ISA) and 3 General Investment Accounts.

How safe is it to invest with Clim8?

Clim8 is an appointed representative of WealthKernel Ltd. Investor’s funds are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to an investment amount of £85,000 investment. WealthKernel, who is the portfolio custodian ensures the safekeeping of all customer assets.

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