How to claim your free Audible discount code

  • Start by copying your free Audible discount code.
  • Select the items that you want. To proceed, sign in to your Audible account or create one.
  • Paste the free discount code at checkout.
  • Complete your order.

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About Audible

Launched in 1995, Audible is an audiobook and podcast service where users can purchase and stream different forms of spoken word content. The service is fully owned by Audible, a subsidiary of Amazon. Audible is the largest audiobook retailer and producer in the United States. Audible’s initial product, Audible Player, was released in 1998. The device had around 4 megabytes of flash storage which could play non-stop for 2 hours. Since then, the company has released other products such as the 2015 release of Audible Air. In 2008, the brand began the production of exclusive fantasy audiobooks and science fiction.

Now, audible has over 200,000 audio programs from leading broadcasters, magazines, publishers, entertainers and business info providers. You can get content books of all genres from speeches, stand-up comedy, radio shows, interviews and even periodicals audio books. Users can either purchase the content or choose a subscription model where they receive credits redeemable monthly.

Audible Returns

If you have issues with your Audible purchase, please contact the Audible customer service as soon as possible. Audible returns and refunds depend on the kind of refund. Refunds on Audible audiobooks bought via coupons or audio credit should be available shortly after initiating a refund. Those bought with your credit are processed within 7-10 working days.

Audible FAQs

What does the plus catalogue contain?

The audible plus catalogue gives members access to all-you-can-listen-service. This contains thousands of Audible audiobooks, originals and podcasts. Provided your Audible membership is active, you can enjoy an unparalleled selection of audio entertainment and add titles to your library.

What are the membership options offered by Audible?

Audible has different membership options to suit each listeners’ preference. The company has annual or monthly credits, unlimited listening, exclusive membership and the no-commitment package where members can cancel anytime.

I love Audible! What if I want to buy more credits?

If you have run out of credits, you can purchase more credits online or switch to a membership that has more credits. However, you must be an active Audible member, have zero credits remaining in your account and be on the same plan for at least 30 days to see the option of buying extra credits and be eligible.

Does Audible have gift options?

An Audible gift is perfect for friends and loved ones who are yet to discover the fantastic benefits of Audible as well Audible enthusiasts. The company offers 1,3,6 and 12-month gift membership plans. To purchase one, head over to the Audible gift centre and select the gift membership that you want to buy. You can purchase all Audible gift memberships via MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and American Express.

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