Plusnet Mobile: SIM Only Military Exclusive Discounts

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Use our Plusnet Mobile military exclusive SIM-only deals to get a great mobile deal that is just for you. Plusnet Mobile is an award-winning provider of domestic broadband. Whether you're a talker, a texter or a big data splurger, you'll find the perfect mobile deal that will suit your needs.

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How to get our Plusnet Mobile exclusive SIM-only deals

  1. To get our Plusnet Mobile exclusive SIM-only deals, click on the 'Get Deal' button on the right. Proceed to the Plusnet Mobile website.
  2. Select one of the available deals by clicking on the 'Buy Now' button below. Read more about the deal and click 'Continue'.
  3. Choose your Smart Cap amount. Continue. Enter your personal details and your current address to set up your account. Transfer your mobile service and click on the 'Next' button below.
  4. Enter your card details to set up your monthly direct debit payment, set a security question, and agree to the Plusnet Mobile Terms & Conditions. Click on the 'Continue to today's payment'.

About Plusnet

Plusnet Mobile is an award-winning provider of domestic broadband. It offers flexible, award-winning mobile deals suitable for everyone's needs. You can expect your new SIM to arrive within three days. SIM's are available in all sizes, so they can fit any type of phone. However, you may need to unlock your device before using it. It uses the EE network and prides itself with 4G in more places than any other network in the UK.

Plusnet Mobile exclusive SIM-only deals

Plusnet Mobile offers military exclusive deals that can only be accessed for logged in members. 

There is a data cap applied to your account of £40 for any data usage abroad so you won't have to worry about getting a bigger bill than expected. Data cap may slightly vary each year, and you can change it by contacting Plusnet Mobile.

With a Roam Like at Home service, you can make and receive calls, send texts and use data when you’re in one of the Roam Like at Home destinations. It'll all be included in your monthly plan allowance.

Plusnet Mobile awards

Over the years, Plusnet Mobile has won numerous awards. Since its beginnings in 1997, it has won 32 customer service awards. For seven years in a row, it has won the prize for Best Customer Service by Uswitch Awards. 

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Plusnet Mobile: SIM Only Military Exclusive Discounts

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