Mini - Armed Forces Special Discount Rates

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Mini Armed Forces Discounts

Mini offer a variety of discounts on a wide range of their models, for members of the UK Armed Forces community.

Please see the "Instructions" tab for more details.

To enquire about the Armed Forces discount offered by Mini:

1. Click ´Get Deal´
2. Then click ´Yes, I do qualify´.
3. Fill in the enquiry form or call 020 7514 8617 for further details.

Deal Terms

By answering YES to ONE of the following, you qualify!

  • I am a full time serving member of the UK Forces and am based in the UK.
  • I am a member of the MOD serving in the UK.
  • I have served full time within the armed forces and am a member of a known affiliation
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Mini - Armed Forces Special Discount Rates

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