Lumin: Skincare for Men. 1 Month FREE Trial + 15% Off Discount Code

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With our Lumin discount code, you'll get 1-month FREE trial + 15% off. Lumin is a Los Angeles based skincare brand for men. It offers effective yet affordable products for skin, body, and hair.

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How to use your Lumin discount code

  1. To get your free trial and your Lumin discount code, click on the 'Get Code' button on the right. Copy the code and continue to the Lumin website.
  2. Click on the 'Pick My Set' button. Select one of the available sets by clicking on the 'Start Trial' button below. Read more about how free trial works and click on the 'Continue to Trial' button on the right. Enter your name, choose your skin type and your age group. Continue.
  3. Enter and confirm your shipping information. Continue to payment method. Enter your credit or debit card details, change billing address if needed, and complete your order.
  4. If you don't want a subscription, go back to the Lumin website. Select 'Shop' from the top menu and add to cart any of the products you'd want to purchase. Click on the 'Revert to a One-Time Purchase' button on the right, if needed, and proceed to checkout.
  5. Paste your Lumin discount code to the empty box on the right and click on the 'Apply' button next to it. Fill in all the required information on the left side and complete your order.

About Lumin

Lumin is a Los Angeles based company that offers a range of cosmetic products for men. In its collections, you'll find face mists and masks, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, as well as recovery oil and much more. Each of the available products is curated by experts with better ingredients that are better for your skin.

How Lumin free trial works

Lumin offers a free no-commitment trial. Order your first set of products free of charge, you'll only have to pay for the shipping. If you're not satisfied with your products and don't want to continue the subscription, you can cancel it anytime during the trial period. However, if you don't cancel it, you'll receive a new subscription box with a 20% discount to the retail price. A new box will be shipped and billed every 2 months. You can delay shipping and make product changes to your subscription.

Lumin shipping

Lumin ships its orders worldwide. Shipping time will vary depending on the country you're ordering to. The expected transit time range is 2-18 business days.

Lumin returns

If you'd want to return any of the products you ordered from Lumin, you should do it within 60 days of the original delivery date. You'll be responsible for all shipping charges when returning the products. Please note that you cannot return the products you received during your free trial, as well as bulk or commitment plan orders. 

Deal Terms

You can sign up for a free trial only once. Try your first month of products on us. If you’re not loving the experience, cancel your subscription at anytime in your account settings during your trial. If you choose to not cancel, in 30 days, we’ll ship you a new larger, subscription box for £37.60 (a 20% discount to retail price!). Your box will be shipped and billed every 2 months. You can delay an order, add/remove products to your box at any time. You can delay an order, add/remove products to your box at any time.

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Lumin: Skincare for Men. 1 Month FREE Trial + 15% Off Discount Code

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