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Learning is a never-ending process. Whether you choose to undertake online courses, study at home or even school, you should ensure that you have a continuous flow of information. While books remain essential in the learning process, online courses have eased learning as they are readily available and accessible. And with our Create Academy coupon code, you get to learn new DIY home improvement, food, gardening and other practical skills, just to mention a few!

How to claim my free Create Academy coupon code?

  1. To claim your free Create Academy coupon code, click on the get coupon code button and copy your free coupon code.
  2. Proceed to the Create Academy website and select the course you want. You can also watch a trailer before purchasing.
  3. Click on Buy course. You will be redirected to the order summary. Click the ‘Add Coupon Code’ icon and paste your free coupon code. This reduces your billed total.
  4. Enter the student login details followed by the preferred payment information and billing address. Finish by confirming your order.

About Create Academy

Create Academy is an online education platform specializing in various niches. The courses are flexible, enabling you to watch them at the best time that suits you. They are self-spaced and do not have finishing or beginning dates. The platform is great for anyone who is looking to broaden their knowledge internationally. At Create Academy, you will get courses in interiors, food, floristry and houseplants as well as the option of gifting the courses to friends or loved ones.

Create Academy Return Policy

If you did not enjoy your Create Academy course, please reach out to the team for assistance. However, before your refund is processed, you will be required to answer various questions on why you did not enjoy the course.

Create Academy refer a friend programme?

Create Academy does not have a refer a friend program. However, you can buy gift coupons for your friend or loved ones. Also, be on the lookout for any offers on the courses.

Create Academy FAQs

I have forgotten my Create Academy login details?

If you have forgotten your email address, reach out to the Create Academy team for help. If you have forgotten your password, click on the ‘forget password’ icon on the login page. Instructions on how to recover the password will be sent to your email. If you want to update your email address, log in to your account and click the ‘edit profile’ icon.  This also applies to password changes in your account. Simply click on ‘edit profile’ and input your new password.

How can I change my course notifications?

If you want to receive course notifications, click the edit profile icon. This will give you the option to be notified when a person comments on an ongoing discussion or responds to your comment. You can also opt to receive promotional or instructional emails.

How much are the Create Academy gift vouchers?

Create Academy gift vouchers cost around £127 each. However, this can change based on the dollar conversion rate. Each voucher will cover the full cost of a course. You can get as many gift vouchers across all courses as you’d like.

I have purchased a Create Academy gift voucher. How will I receive the voucher?

You will receive a unique coupon code via email which you can send to a friend. Ensure you enter the correct email address when purchasing a gift voucher.

Will my gift voucher expire?

Yes. Please ensure you use your gift voucher within 3 months from the date of purchase.

Do I get lifetime access to the course?

Yes, if you purchase any Create Academy course, you will have lifetime access to the course.

I have purchased my gift voucher. How long will it take for me to receive the voucher?

Your voucher should not take more than 30 minutes. If you experience delays, please contact the Create Academy via email at

My friend has gifted me a Create Academy course. How do I access it?

To access your gifted course, ensure your friend has sent the gift code. Proceed to the Create Academy website and click the order course icon. You will get free access when you input your promo code during checkout.

What courses are available at Create Academy?

Create Academy has 4 courses. If you are into interiors, flowers, houseplants or food, you will be thrilled to learn only from the best experts.

Can I download my Create Academy course?

Yes, if you are using an iPhone, you can download your courses. Unfortunately, you can not download the courses if you are using an android device. To download the course, visit your app store on your iPhone and download the teachable app. Login using your existing Create Academy credentials. You will have access to your course as well as the option to download it.

What if I am not located in the UK?

Create academy courses are purely online. As such you can access them irrespective of your location. However, please note that the courses are only available in English.

Is my data safe with Create Academy?

Create Academy respects your privacy. The company only collects personal data that is outlined in the Privacy Policy. Also, Create Academy does not go against the data obligations as provided under the law. To improve the quality of services offered to you, Create Academy collects your name, age, location, email address, operating system and your IP address. Your data is collected when you order a course, contact the company via the website or visit the website and consent to the cookies. Your data is used to manage your account, deliver products to you, personalize your experience, communicate and supply promotional information via email, with consent. Your data is safely stored and is not sold to third parties.

How do I contact Create Academy?

If you have any queries, you can reach the Create Academy team via email at You can also use the chat icon on the Create Academy website.

Create Academy Reviews

Create Academy has an excellent average review of 4.8 out of 5 among 44 reviews on Trustpilot. Users loved the courses and found them helpful and practical.

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Create Academy: Online Courses. 15% Sitewide Coupon Code

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