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Tips On How To Find The Best Value Travelodge Rooms

Early / Late bookings – the earlier you look for a room, the less demand there will be and therefore gives you a better chance of finding the cheapest price. The more risky route is to wait for a last minute deal – if the hotel is far from full, you will find cheap prices being offered. This is much more risky as if you really need to stay on a specific evening and the hotel ends up being full, you may end up needing to stay at an expensive hotel nearby.

Flexibility – Weekends (Friday & Saturday evenings) will tend to have a much higher cost as there will be a much higher demand. If you can be more flexible with your say, say any evenings between Sunday and Thursday evenings can provide much better value.

For flexibility, I’m a big fan on the “Best Price Finder” available on the Travelodge website. You can refine your search to make sure you don’t get any unwanted extras. For example “Free onsite parking” is a must, if you are flexible with your location  you could head a little further afield and find a much better rate.

Price Finder


Location – Rooms are quoted from £29 throughout the UK, however usually if you are looking around London you will be looking at around £45 per room. Again this is down to popularity and demand, if you can look a little further afield this will give you a much better change of a cheaper room. For example, if you are looking to head to Lego Land Windsor, you could enter lots of locations into the finder – Windsor, Slough or even further afield such as Reading. Windsor (2.6 miles away from Lego Land) was providing us the cheapest price of £42, where as Slough (4.8 miles away) was £26 for the same evening.  

Room / Stay Type – Consider the best room type you need. The saver rate is the best value for money , however for £5 extra you can opt for a “flexible rate” that allows you to cancel up to noon on the arrival date. This is worth considering as if your stay could get canceled you have the flexibility to cancel and receive a full refund.
Also the breakfast option is well worth considering, the below search is for a “Heathrow Heston M4 Eastbound Travelodge'' to add breakfast for a family of four is £24, £6 per head. If you can take your own breakfast with you, you could supply for much less that £6 per head. On the other hand if this option is not available and you need to head to a local restaurant or look at having breakfast at the airport, £6 is a good value alternative.

Travelodge Room Type
  • Saver rate Non refundable. Arrival date can be amended subject to availability and change fee.
  • Saver rates are non-refundable. Subject to saver rate availability, and a £5 change fee, the arrival date can be amended up until 12 noon on the day of arrival. Ts&Cs apply.
  • Saver rate + Breakfast + Wifi Non refundable. Arrival date can be amended subject to availability and change fee.
  • Flexible rate Fully Refundable. Free to amend or cancel up until noon on arrival date.
  • Flexible rate + Breakfast + Wifi Fully Refundable excluding WiFi. Free to amend or cancel up until noon on arrival date.

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If you can find a room at the day of your choice for £25, this will provide you an extra £1.25 discount, bringing the cost down to £23.75. 

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