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Save with our exclusive discount on a subscription to The Week get 12 issues for only £12. The Week is the UK´s magazine that takes only the best news from other media and offers you a concise view of the past week.

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  1. To get your The Week discount code, click on the ´Get Code´ button and copy the code. 
  2. Go to The Week website, and select your subscription. You can either order full subscription or order print only.
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About The Week

The Week is the UK´s magazine that saves you time. With The Week, you´ll no longer have to read tons of different newspapers and magazines in order to stay informed. It combines news from other media and offers you the very best of the week´s news, current affairs and political articles. And not only you´ll stay up-to-date with the current news and latest political affairs, but you´ll also read about sport, art, travel, real estate, and much more.

Read The Week anywhere

The Week is available in print and on your web browser, Android device, iPad or iPhone. All you now need is just one hour, and you´ll be informed.

What kind of content can you expect to find in The Week

The Week is the UK´s magazine that combines the best news from the British and international media and offers you a brief of the past seven days. It uses more than 200 sources including The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Sunday Telegraph, and London Evening Standard. All the articles you can find in The Week are hand-selected by its award-winning editorial team.
The Week offers not only current political and economic news and affairs but reviews of the latest art exhibitions, books, music, TV series and film, as well as health and science headlines and city news and analysis, and much more.
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