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  • To claim your free Nuud Gum discount code, click the get discount code icon and copy your free discount code.
  • Head over to the Nuud Gum website, add all the items that you want to purchase to your cart and checkout.
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About Nuud Gum

Nuud Gum is a brand that produces a range of gum. The gum range is plant-based, plastic-free, sugar-free and biodegradable. If you are searching for the perfect gum to chew, get one that won’t stick to your shoe. Sweetened with Xylitol, a compound derived from the bark of beech and birch trees, you no longer have to worry about the adverse effects of sugar in your body with every gum that you chew. Check out the flavours on the Nuud Gum website and pick one that appeals to you.

Nuud Gum Delivery

Nuud Gum delivers in the UK. The company offers free shipping for subscriptions and charges a delivery fee for standard orders and trial orders. If you are in the UK, you should receive your order within 2-4 working days. If your delivery delays beyond 7 days after dispatch, please get in touch with the Nuud Gum team.

Nuud Gum Returns Policy

You can return your Nuud Gum products to the company within 14 days after delivery. Please note that the company will only accept returns on goods that are in the same condition as delivered and unopened. To initiate your return, get in touch with the Nuud Gum team for instructions on how to return the products. Please note that Nuud Gum will not cater to the cost of the return. If viable, your funds will be credited to your original payment method within 7 working days. All returns are inspected upon arrival. If tampered with, opened or damaged, the refund request will be rejected.

Nuud Gum FAQs

Is Nuud Gum really plastic-free?

Contrary to the regular gum that you are used to, Nuud Gum is plastic-free. Nuud does not use plastic to manufacture the gum. Rather, the company uses tree sap called Chicle that is sustainably harvested. This is the gum base that Nuud Gum uses as opposed to polyethylene that other companies use.

What ingredients are used to make Nuud Gum?

Nuud Gum is made with plant-based ingredients including chicle, xylitol, glycerol, peppermint, gum Arabic, magnesium stearate and carnauba wax.

Is it safe to swallow Nuud Gum?

No. Although the gum is biodegradable and plant-based, it is not safe to swallow any chewing gum. You can dispose of your Nuud Gum in the bin or your compost.

Can I give my children Nuud Gum?

Yes. Nuud Gum is safe for children over 6 years who understand that gum should not be swallowed.

What if my dog takes my gum?

You should keep your Nuud gum out of your dog’s reach. This is because Nuud contains xylitol, a compound that can be lethal for dogs. If your dog takes your Nuud Gum, you should take them to the vet immediately.

What kind of packaging does Nuud use?

Nuud is packaged in recyclable and plastic-free cardboard.

I have a store in the UK. Can I stock Nuud gum?

If you wish to stock Nuud Gum, please get in touch via the stockist enquiry form and someone will get in touch.

Can I edit my Nuud Gum subscription?

You can edit your Nuud Gum subscription from your account. However, you need to create a customer account first before you can cancel or edit your subscription.

I can’t wait to try Nuud Gum! When can I expect to receive my initial Nuud Gum subscription?

You will receive your initial Nuud Gum subscription within 2-4 days after creating your subscription.

What flavours does Nuud Gum have?

Nuud Gum has peppermint gum, spearmint gum and mixed flavour gum.

What does the tester pack include?

For just £10, you will receive 3 packs of peppermint and 3 packs of spearmint gum. Each contains 9 pieces.

Where can I buy Nuud Gum in the UK?

You can get Nuud Gum in several stores in the UK. To get a stockist near you, click on the ‘Stockists’ icon on the Nuud Gum website. You can also use the map to locate a stockist near you.

Nuud Gum reviews

Nuud Gum has an excellent 4.49 rating among 196 reviews on Customers are thrilled by the flavours and the texture, with most praising and referring to the feel and taste as first class.

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