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Get rewarded for your saving behaviour with EverUp. You not only get a chance to win up to £365,000 weekly but also get to have fun by playing games.  And if you are tired of the lengthy boring saving process with your bank, switch to EverUp and get instant gratification on your savings. Earn real money and get closer to your financial goals and freedom with the EverUp referral link!

How to claim my free EverUp referral link?

  1. To claim your free EverUp referral link, click the ‘Get referral link’ button and copy your referral link.
  2. Download the EverUp app on Google Play and App Store.
  3. Using your referral link, refer your friends to the EverUp app and get 1 million virtual coins. You can use the virtual coins to play games and increase your chance of winning tax-free cash prizes.

About EverUp

EverUp is a gamified savings app based in London. The company aims to make savings fun and rewarding while also promoting good savings and wealth management behaviour. EverUp has a digital money account where users are rewarded for saving. They also get to enjoy the thrill of mobile games and lottery. User’s funds are held with the Bank of England, ensuring funds protection. Also, one cannot use their savings funds to play. This ensures that there is no loss from playing the lottery. 

Everup refer a friend programme?

EverUp has a fantastic and simple refer a friend programme. For every friend you refer to the app, you cop 1 million virtual coins for you and your friend. You can use the coins to play the games on the app hence increasing your chances of winning EverUp’s tax-free cash prizes.

Everup FAQs

How does the app work?

The app encourages savings by offering games and other rewards. As such, when you save, you are awarded virtual coins which you use to play. The more you save, the more virtual coins you get to play. This increases your chance of winning tax-free money up to £365,000. You can also earn virtual coins by signing in and inviting your friends to join the app!

Does EverUp have a bank structure?

EverUp is not a bank and does not have a banking license. It is a registered electronic funds institution. It is authorized to operate by the Financial Conduct Authority and listed on the Financial Services Register. Since it’s not a bank, your funds are stored in a ring-fenced account with the Bank of England.

Can I use my savings to play?

To safeguard your savings, you cannot use your savings to play. You can only use the virtual coins awarded to you. To increase your chances of winning, save more and get more virtual coins.

Is EverUp a gambling app?

EverUp is not a gambling app. It can help you save and achieve your financial goals. Since you use your digital coins to play, the app will encourage you to save more and earn digital coins.

Why should I use EverUp?

EverUp will help you save while still having fun. The app is free with zero hidden costs and no commitments. As such, you can withdraw your savings anytime at no cost. Since you do not use your savings to play, there is zero-risk on your savings. Also, your money is held and safeguarded by the Bank of England.

Do I have to open an EverUp account to use the app?

Yes, to use the app’s features such as saving and playing games, you will need an EverUp account. However, if you want to check the features, you can sign up using your email address and name.

I want to set up an EverUp account. What are the requirements?

To set up an EverUp account, you need to be a UK resident and you need to be above 18 years old. You will be required to take a selfie and a photo of your ID. You can either use your passport, National ID or driving license.

How do I access my EverUp transaction history?

You can request your savings, cash winnings, withdrawals and deposit statements within the app.

How do I contact the EverUp customer service team?

If you wish to contact the EverUp customer service team, please email suport@everup.uk.

If you have a complaint, email complaints@everup.uk or call 0800 023 456/ 0300 123 9123.

What cash prizes can I expect?

EverUp has different cash prizes for their 4 products.

With the Wheel of Fortune games, you can win up to 1 million coins if you play the London wheel and up to 10 million coins if you play the Montecarlo wheels. By playing Ruffle Must-Go, you get a chance to win 10 different prizes, with the first two being cash prizes. And even better, you can win the Premium Year prize of up to £365,000.

I am cash strained, but I want to start saving with EverUp.

If you are cash strained, you can start your saving journey with EverUp with just £10. Get to transfer the money anytime using the open banking and direct debit option. You can top up your savings amount with a bank transfer.

Does my savings earn interest?

Since EverUp is not a bank facilitated savings account, your money does not earn interest. As such, you will not be paid dividends or interest by EverUp.

Can I transfer my virtual coins?

EverUp virtual coins cannot be exchanged or transferred. Also, they cannot be used outside the app.

Can I level up?

EverUp has 35 levels and each individual starts from Level 1. The first level is the Butterfly and the last Hummingbird. The more you save, the more you level up. And with every level upgraded, you are awarded virtual coins to play more games.

Everup Reviews

If you want to learn better savings habits, EverUp is a great choice. The app uses games and rewards to help you save and get closer to your financial goals. Though the app is fairly new, it currently has a five star rating on the App Store.

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