Away Resorts is set to spark a chain of exciting events for its adventure-loving guests this year. With its magnificent structures decorating the UK's countryside, this Holiday park expert promises to entertain scores of visitors with wonderful events.

Great locations include Tattershall Lakes in the heart of Lincolnshire, Barmouth Bay in North Wales. There are also other resorts like Hayling Island, the New Forest located in the south, and Mersea Island found in Essex.

Are you due for a British seaside vacation? Then its park on Whitecliff Bay on the isle of Wight and its St Ives Bay in North Cornwall are what you need to get the edge off. You will find that these parks can also cater to your outdoor events and festivity needs.

And now the best of all! 

Away Resort is set to bring its famous live Dinosaur experience to the New Forest. This magnificent event will take place on the 30th of April, 2022 specifically in its Sandy Resort arena. The Live Dinosaur experience everyone will be talking about for the remainder of the year comes with two-night breaks worth £19 for a boutique chalet housing close to 4 persons. 

May 28, 2022, will see the continuation of this Dinosaur experience at the popular Whitecliff Bay. May we add that this location comes with luxury bell tents built for 4 people at £362. The same year on August 20, Tattershall Lakes in Lincolnshire will be hosting the Dino World for Jurassic-loving folks.

If you're a Music lover, you may want to take full advantage of Away's live event by planning a trip at any of those times.

Music fans are going to be getting a full music experience at Barthmouth Bay in North Wales from 10 to 11 June 2022. To top it off, there will be a provision of two-night breaks in a huge caravan with a capacity to house up to 8 individuals. This caravan also comes with a hot tub at the price of £608.

In the heat of summer, music fans will be able to cool off at the Mill Rhythe Holiday Village in the beautiful Hayling Island. This event is set to take place from 8 to 9 of July. It comes with two-night chalet stays worth £644 and double bedrooms and one room that could house all seven people.

Trail the Music weekender as it passes through St Ives from 20-30 July, Boston West from 15 to 15 July, and August 12 to 13 through Mersea Island.

Around the same time, Tattershall Lakes located in Lincolnshire organizes the Special Lakes Rock concert. This comes with a £620 bouquet chalet stays from 1-2  July.

Mill Rythe on July 10, Whitecliff Bay on 23 July, Tatters Lakes on 16 July, Mersea Island on the 14th of August, Sandy Balls on August the 13th, Barthmouth Bay on August 6, and Whitecliff Bay on July 23, will feature live entertainment and loads of creative games.

Away Resorts crowns all of these with cream pie fights in several locations; Barthmouth Bay on August 13, 28th August on Tattershall Lake, Whitecliff Bay, Beachcomber, St Ives, Sandy Balls, Mersea Island. These Cream Pie fights go for £666 for two-night stays housing 8 people in a huge caravan.

Customers can only book for two nights with the possibility of determining your welcome packs such as a selection of sweet treats, birthday packs, and lots more. Don't forget all Troopscout users can claim an extra 10% off all Away Resorts bookings, don't delay get your 2022 booked today! 

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