In most exciting news, the production company, Annatic has been given the contract to develop a TV Ad for Heatable. 

They were directed to create an Ad centered on a stay-at-home dad, as an eccentric and memorable concept.

The plan was to make an Ad that would be amusing as well as informative to drive home the intended message and leave a lasting mark in the mind of viewers. 

Jack Wallbank, the Marketing Manager at Heatable explained that, throughout the previous year, Heatable has witnessed huge growth in all ramifications and continued to do so. 

According to him, this is the reason why the company decided to take this huge step in creating a TV ad to capture the success and growth of the company. They did this in partnership with Anattic and ITV, said Jack Wallbank.

He further explained that the idea of the  TV ad was born due to the company's increased need to take their business to a higher pedestal. They intended to do this by creating more awareness for their business and developing trust with their customers, he said. 

The commercial was developed by Matt Page, Anattic's Head of Production, and directed by Andy Poyadgi. The ad debuted on the 4th of October this year. 

This TV Ad should solidify Heatable's growing influence and trust among customers. It is surely a step in the right direction for this blossoming company. 

With more awareness of what Heatable offers to the public, they should be heading towards even greater success than they witnessed last year. Anattic's ad of a stay-at-home is peculiar and bound to resonate in the minds of customers. Heatable seems to be doing well for itself for a young company, and we can only wonder at what they will achieve in the years to come. 

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