There is nothing more annoying than receiving extra fees on your mobile phone bill for having to pay over the odds on a call to a company. Especially when all you need is some help from a service you are already paying for.

0800 numbers are supposed to be free. However calling an 0800 number on your mobile will incur extra fees up to 20p per minute.

Fear not, here is a neat way to by-pass these fees and save those crucial pounds.

Save 0333 555 8800 or 0284 3232 800 into your mobile. When dialled you will be requested to enter the 0800, 0808 or 0500 number you wish to dial. It diverts the numbers so that you only use your inclusive minutes! Not only that but there is no set up or registration required.

What’s the catch you ask?

These services are free to use because they receive a small amount of commission for handling each toll free call. Basically its win win.

Alternatively you can get an app for this service, it works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones click here.

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