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Are you ready to enjoy a break away from the daily stresses and strains? Military discount holidays are the perfect way to recharge your batteries without spending a small fortune. At TroopScout we’ve got a wide range of voucher codes for amazing holidays where you can relax and unwind, or simply spend time with your family. Perhaps a European mini break is what you’ve got in mind, or maybe you’re considering going further afield? Whatever type of military holiday you’re planning, check out TroopScout for the best money-saving deals around. 

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Make sure you know the rules

If you’ve been moving around with the military the rules will be very different to a civilian flight so don’t forget to check the latest guidelines before you travel. For many people, liquids are the main problem as no more than 100ml can be carried in the hand luggage, and it must be held within a clear container. 
You can pack liquids in your main luggage but not everyone understands what is classed as a liquid. Hair gel, mascara, toothpaste, body lotion and creams are all treated as liquids. Peanut butter is also treated as a liquid if it’s in the jar but spread in sandwiches it’s fine!
Not knowing the rules could mean you get seriously delayed as you attempt to travel. Taking a few minutes to check before you pack could be absolutely invaluable. 

Plan ahead

Travelling with children can be stressful at the best of times so give yourself a helping hand and plan ahead of time. Even if you don’t have young children in your party, not knowing where you’re going adds last minute hassle that you simply don’t need. Booking your airport parking is an easy way to make life simpler and helps you continue with your journey with the minimum of fuss. If you plan ahead you can also get military discounts on car hire as well as money off the biggest fashion brands like Under Armour and Cantebury.
There are many different types of military discount hotels available, suitable for a range of budgets. Check what facilities are available and what you’ll need to bring to make the most of your holiday time. For example, if no inflatables are allowed in the pool there’s no point packing them. 

Don’t opt for gift-wrap

Bringing back presents for family and friends is a lovely idea but you can skip the option of gift-wrapping in shops. Some sources claim that foiled wrapping paper can set off the detectors but that’s not always the case. Even if the paper doesn’t set the detector off, if your bag is inspected the wrapping paper will be opened up to check the contents. 
A far better option is to leave the gift unwrapped and avoid unwanted delays. 

Travel smart

Even if items don’t explicitly break any travel rules, you can help things to run smoothly. There’s a chance you might have to remove your shoes at the airport so wearing slip-ons can speed up any checks. Avoiding metallic elements in clothing such as bras or headbands can also make life much simpler. Carry a note from your doctor for any medication and you won’t risk having anything essential confiscated.
Think ahead before you travel and you will arrive at your chosen destination feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy your holiday.

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