Prosthetics for Troops

Last week saw the announcement of new prosthetic legs being issued to 
all injured servicemen and women with particular reference to new micro-processor 

The MOD has said today that the Government has made £6.5 million available
to ensure access to the most technologically advanced prosthetics, including the
Genium knee. Chancellor George Osbourne said, “Our troops are heroes who have
and continue to give absolutely everything for their country and it is only right that we
do everything possible to help them, especially when they suffer injury.”
This pledge will benefit around160 individuals who suffered amputations on
Operation Telic in Iraq or Operation Herrick in Afghanistan, starting with the micro-
processor knee for transfemoral amputees. Headley Court will now begin fitting
individuals with the Genium knee.

The Genium Bionic Prosthetic System from Otto Bock is a state-of-the-art prosthetic
knee that combines a microprocessor and a sensory system to imitate the user’s
natural gait. It also comprises of a gyroscope and accelerometer that constantly
receive and process input from the leg’s position in space and it’s speed. The leg
provides greater stability and mobility as well as the capacity to step over obstacles,
negotiate stairs more easily and walk backwards safely.

This information follows Dr Poulter’s announcement last week that £6.7M will be
invested into a network of specialist prosthetics centres across England.
Nine pre-existing NHS facilities will be enhanced and adapted to form new specialist
centres for injured veterans in the following locations:
Preston, Sheffield, Carlisle, Portsmouth, Bristol, Cambridge, Birmingham, Leicester
and Stanmore.

These two notices come as exciting news for those injured in Afghanistan and Iraq
who must now feel a greater degree of security for the future of their care. Although
not a perfect solution it is apparent that the Government is willing to support our
injured servicemen and women. There has been tireless work behind the scenes by
certain military charities and TroopScout for one is very grateful for their efforts.